The add-in that turns your MS WORD into a scriptwriting program.

The only complete Word add-in for script-writing

Works in the familiar and popular environment of Word with options of full screenwriting software.

Multi-Language Platform

Now you can write scripts in your own language and in any language

Friendly and simple interface

Free your mind to be creative and not obsessed over technicalities

Professional format

Ensures the professional format of the script

Outline and structure tools

Follow your story sequences, scenes and story lines, and see it’s strengths and weaknesses.

Unique half-automated converting tool

Change non-formatted script to professional

Dialogue and creativity The vision of Dialogue is not only to be a script writing software. Creative process means moving between two sides:  free ideas and thoughts on the one hand, and the form and structure on the other hand. These are extremely different states of mind. When using Dialogue’s unique structure tools, you can organize your thoughts and you can understand and plan your plot.  We discuss the creative process in our professional blog. You are most welcome to comment, share your problems and ask questions to .

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Dialogue Script Writing Program

110 USD

Dialogue – a Tool also for the Producer

  • Assures a Well formatted script.
  • Production numbering mode – Locked scene numbers for after breakdown
  • Various reports – Scenes list or table, cast report, characters in scenes, locations and more.
  • Structure and edit tools to work with the scriptwriter on the plot
  • MS Word comments and track revision.
  • Unique half-automated converting tool. Change non-formatted script to professional format.


Your best choice of Script Writing Software

  • Smart & easy for use Word add-in
  • All the features of a scriptwriting software
  • Professional format
  • Multi-Language User Interface
  • Outline and Structure tools
  • Convert non-formatted scripts to professional format
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