An error occurs when working with Scene Heading


This document is saved in compatibility mode. To work with DIALOGUE you must save it with no compatibility mode to previous Word Versions _

Error 445 This Object doesn’t support this action

Over View

Advanced Features of DIALOGUE like Scene Heading Control are compatible with Word versions 2007 and later. If the document is saved in compatibility to previous versions the advanced features return this error.

This error might happen especially after converting scripts to DIALOGUE.


  • Use Save as to save the document. In the Save Box make sure that the Maintain compatibility with Older versions check box is clear.
  • If the does not appear save anyway again as *.docx and make sure that the document window title is without “[Compatibility Mode]”.
  • If the solutions do not solve the problem check: File > Word Options > Save > Save files in this format and make sure the format is *.docx.