After setup DIALOGUE commands are not working and return error message


This document contains macros. Macro language supported for this application is disabled. Features requiring VBA are not available. Would you like to open this document in read only?

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This problem disables the opportunity to work with DIALOGUE.

The help message displayed is suggesting checking if security settings are set to Disable all macros without notification and change them to lower security settings.

You might try change the security setting according to Word’s message, but from our experience the reason in the case of add-ins like DIALOGUE is that VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) component, needed for the operations of add-ins were not installed during the setup of office, although it is default.


Install the VBA component

  1. Close Word and other office applications
  2. Enter control panel > programs and features.
  3. Choose Microsoft Office
  4. Change
  5. Add or remove features
  6. Office shared features > Proofing Tools > Visual Basic for Applications
  7. Choose run from my computer

Install VBA