Setup is not completed because office version is 64 bit.


The version of Microsoft Word is 64 bit. This version does not support add-ins like DIALOGUE

The 64 is not the default Office version and Microsoft recommend to use the 32 bit for regular use.


From version 2010, Office can be installed in two versions: 32 bit or 64 bit. The default installation is always 32 bit (regardless to windows version. The windows version can be 64 bit and still office default is 32). The reason for that is because the 64 bit version does not support third-party ActiveX controls and add-ins like DIALOGUE, while its benefits are for very particular and rare users (e.g.: users that work with extremely large data sets). Microsoft advice common users to choose 32 bit version.


Uninstall Office 64 bit and install 32 bit.

To install 32-bit Office:

  • If you’re a home user,sign in to your account page in Microsoft and choose Install, or insert your installation disc. Office automatically installs the 32-bit version unless you already have a 64-bit version of Office on your computer.
  • If you’re a business user,sign in to the Office 365 portal and choose Install.